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Specific Testimonials

Happy 4th, Steve! Just got through one of your classes. I've been at it all day. I told my wife that once I learn all of this material, I'm definitely teaching this to my kids! Your teachings are awesome. Will start again early in the morning. Great material!


Discovering Steve on YouTube back in 2018 was the best thing that ever happened to me. Investing in myself became my daily goal. I used to be told that I was heading nowhere because I was a high school dropout. However, following Steve's strategies and the secrets to success proved everybody wrong. So, I encourage you all to take the first step and start learning because these classes are priceless. Peace and love to the fellow underdogs.

Rob Heading

My recent trade with BTC returned a profit of about 128% using Professor Steve's strategies. Steve's knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving.

Stressfree 23

After taking Steve's courses, I went from an average trader/investor to ranking as one of the top on TradingView within months, providing very accurate analysis. I was able to find bottoms and buying opportunities on the higher timeframes, and execute trades on the lower timeframes. His courses not only changed my life but also gave me the confidence to eliminate all fear in trading/investing. I am about to retire earlier than expected, within a year at a young age, all thanks to his training! Steve, thanks for upgrading my knowledge to a whole new level!

JD Dayanghirang

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Thank you! Only $700K USD in profits! The cost of the courses... so small. Thanks, from a former underdog.

Mac O'War

I have been a student of Steve's for almost 2 years. With his teaching, I have been able to build my portfolio and also develop a strategy for my life. For the first time, I can see myself financially free! Invest in yourself, and it's something no one can ever take away!!

Benjamin Lukeski

Emergency videos are awesome. I look forward to upping my game with the new courses and the bonus material from the indicator. Took the old classes a couple of years ago. Totally worth it. Expensive, but the return on investment justifies it. Compared to traditional universities, this one doesn't waste your time and money.

Michael Hernandez

Great course! One of my best investments. This is the best 'investing in crypto' course I found online. It provided me with a wealth of knowledge and confidence. I can now read charts, manage risks, and make my own decisions. I no longer get distracted by the noise and can focus on my own opinion, which is based on the knowledge I gained from the CCU course. Steve is a great person, always very helpful. Thank you!


Steve's Cryptocrewuniversity courses are worth 10 times their actual value. I started 2 years ago with the Advanced Class to get a feel for Steve's course. At the time, I only had 1.5 years of trading experience. I was really impressed by the top-quality content and the structure of his course, so I decided to upgrade to the gold combo. As a junior trader, this was the best investment of my life. It taught me the difference between day trading, swing trading, and investor strategies. I was finally able to find the right time frame to trade, and the course taught an awesome trading strategy that is worth 10 times the value of the course. A strategy that will ensure a positive cash flow for the rest of my life. Obviously, like everything in life, you will need to practice and put in the effort to master the trade. Trading became a passion, thanks to Steve.

Sacha A

I also have to give a big shoutout to his support team as well. I feel like CCU has my back. They respond very diligently and in a timely manner. Overall, this has been the best purchase I have ever made on any type of course. I'm extremely happy I took my time (went through it three times) and soaked in as much information as I could about charts. It has paid me back in just a few trades. I'm so ecstatic that my overall portfolio has been growing, regardless of what the crypto market is going through.


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