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Know exactly when to buy and sell, ensuring you never miss out on profitable opportunities. Our indicator acts as your strategic guide in the dynamic world of trading.

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Say goodbye to the uncertainty that often plagues traders. Our indicator is designed to eliminate guessing, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions at every step of your trading journey.

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Backed by intensive research involving the study of over 500 charts, we proudly present the best indicator in the world. With our tool, you can potentially make five times more profit compared to traditional trading methods.

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Nine To Five Guy

Nine To Five Guy

Investing in myself with CCU was definitely one of the best decisions I made in 2020.

Napolean Macro

Napolean Macro

The course will definitely change your perspective on the markets, and I'm living proof of that! Thanks, Steve!



Steve, you're accomplishing your goal of changing people's lives. I've been following you for 2 years on YouTube, bought all your courses, and now I'm confident in my ability to trade. You changed my life. Thank you for that.

An0nimus Adrian

An0nimus Adrian

WOW! I already made 50% of the money I paid for classes and the indicator in just 2 days!

Rob Heading

Rob Heading

Discovering Steve on YouTube back in 2018 was the best thing that ever happened to me. Investing in myself became my daily goal. I used to be told that I was heading nowhere because I was a high school dropout. However, following Steve's strategies and the secrets to success proved everybody wrong. So, I encourage you all to take the first step and start learning because these classes are priceless. Peace and love to the fellow underdogs.


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$ENJ is attempting to Breakout of Falling wedge formation on the 3-days timeframe chart. 56% gain since breaking out

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I sign up?

  • 5 game-changing indicators to help you get closer to your financial freedom!
  • Professionally designed notes, which make using the indicators simple and easy.
  • Professionally designed demo video on each indicator so you become an expert FAST!

What does each indicator do?

Great question! I will list a big picture breakdown below. However, you can find a ton more details and information inside the professionally designed videos and notes that come with the indicators. 

DC MACD: Trap Bitcoins volatility in the world famous Donchian Channels while using one of the most popular momentum indicators as confluence to help eliminate false signals and better understand momentum shifts in the market. Phenomenal for Buy and Sell alerts right on the screen or straight to your phone! 

21 Club: Pair the 21 Club with the domination of the 21 EMA Strategy and make your big picture Buys and Sells crystal clear. Pure gold for Buy and Sell alerts directly to your phone or email! The Indicator has 2 very simple rules to help you crush the market!

Steve’s Fib Ma Indicator: This is not your average trend indicator. We’ve taken the power of the Fibonacci and Moving Averages to help you clearly identify key zones and levels in a simple way. With one quick glance, traders can see where their asset is in the current cycle and use that knowledge to identify the bigger picture trend and capitalize on the market cycle opportunities.

Steve’s Ninja Ribbon Indicator: 8 of the world's most popular Moving Averages right at your fingertips, helping you identify market structure, the current trend and momentum shifts!

Steve’s Heat Worm: Improve your odds of identifying Bitcoins bottoms and market cycle tops based on historical data in a clear and simple way like you’ve never seen before! Quickly know when the Bitcoin market is approaching cycle tops + bottoms combined with Buy and Sell signals.

Will I learn any new trading strategies?

Yes, absolutely! The whole point of this Indicator Bundle is to fill your tool kit, give you more strategies, create a ton more confidence and bring you one step closer to achieving financial freedom.

Are there any seats left?

If you see this message it means there are $ 10,794 seats left!
Better act now and sign up!

What makes these indicators so special compared to the rest?

The “rest” are developed by somebody else. These indicators are developed by us directly solving the biggest problems that we saw in Crypto. Everyone is confused about when to BUY and when to SELL so we developed these indicators with our own hands to solve these problems. These indicators are Custom-Coded and Taylor-made so that you don’t have to be confused anymore. Get buy alerts right to your phone or email. Get sell alerts right to your phone or email. On top of that, no more stress and guessing - now just sit back and relax! :) 

I want to buy the bundle but I don’t have the money, is there anything you can do to help me?

We understand people might not have the money to invest in their future, so what we did was give a MASSIVE 50% OFF of this indicator bundle from its regular price of $3800. We want to help people reach their financial freedom goals so we are giving them the indicator bundle for half that price at $1900. These seats are going to fill up very fast as this discount is only for a limited time. However, we always help people in need. If you are a single mom, single dad, a war veteran, retired police officer, retired firefighter, retired teacher, someone who has been deeply affected by the Coronavirus, or someone who is deeply struggling, write me an email at Info@cryptocrewuniversity.com. But make sure you write to me as soon as you can as these seats are going to sell out very fast.

Are there any renewals or is it lifetime access?

It's 1000% Lifetime access!
There are no subscription renewals once you have purchased your Indicators and you will have unlimited lifetime access to the indicators plus the videos/notes are both available for download for offline viewing.

Do I need to buy a TradingView Subscription?

No, you can use the Free plan at Tradingview but keep in mind the free plan only allows for 3 Indicators on a chart at a time and does not allow you to save any charts. You can learn more about Tradingview plans by CLICKING HERE

If you are unsure what plan you need, simply start with the free plan and if it does not have enough tools for your kit you can upgrade to the next highest level. CLICK HERE to get A 30$ CREDIT when you sign up

Will there be email support?

We do not believe you'll need email support, because we took the time and diligence to make:
professionally designed notes, high quality training videos to make it simple and easy to understand, whether you are 10 years old or 110 years old.
Just so we are clear, there's no email support for this, we do not believe you'll need it, however, if you sign up to our courses we have emails support to help you step by step.

Will you send Trade Alerts to my phone, email or computer?

Not to worry!
All alerts will be sent out from our custom coded smart indicators! We built in custom “any alert” features that will keep you up to date. Best of all, you can choose if you want the alerts sent to your phone, email or computer!

Now you can just sit back and relax!

Are these indicators worth the price?

ABSOLUTELY! You are receiving 50% OFF from the normal price. This discount is not going to last long and this will only be a one-time DEAL. The indicators are worth significantly more and will not be at this price again. Act now before it’s too late.

There are so many people selling indicators that promise amazing results, what makes yours so special?

We listened to the feedback from our students and our non-students about the problems that they are having and the results that they are wanting. We care about actually helping people and changing their lives. That’s why our courses have been far more successful than all the other courses that are out there. Because we care and because we listen, we know that people want indicators that are really simple to use and that give really good BUY and really good SELL alerts. Is there some indicator in the world that is magically going to print millionaires day after day? No. But we wanted to build something really simple, really easy to use, that can give great BUY alerts and that give great SELL alerts to help people get closer to their financial freedom and remove the guessing and stress that comes when trading crypto. That’s exactly what people wanted and that’s exactly what we worked hard on to deliver. We spent 10-12 months in the lab cooking this up. We deeply care about the success of our students this is why we created this indicator bundle.

Can I just purchase one indicator instead of a bundle?

I understand that you want to purchase one of the indicators separately however, there are a lot of reasons that would be a very bad idea. Each indicator is like a beautiful piece of a puzzle and fits together perfectly with the other indicators to form a very clear and complete picture.

Because of these reasons it's only possible to purchase these indicators together as a bundle.

These GAME-CHANGING Indicators all go together to provide you with stronger confluence, trend analysis so you know what trend we are in and when it is likely to reverse but more importantly knowing exactly when to BUY and SELL :)

Where do I put my phone number for Trade Alerts?

I personally do not send Trade Alerts (yet 😉) as I can't possibly track every single coin the community may be invested in; however, we have done something even better!

We've coded a custom ANY ALERT FUNCTION which will combine all of the alerts for the indicator into 1 so you do not have to set 10-15 per indicator. We show you how to have all of these alerts sent to your phone, email or desktop inside our Indicator Manuals and Videos. :)

New Indicator

Simple, Powerful, and No Learning Curve

  • Get BUY & SELL Alerts
  • Easily Find Market Tops & Bottoms
  • Don’t Need to Learn to Trade.