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  • Helps You Buy and Sell at the Right Time
  • Makes You More Profitable
  • Works for Everyone

How It Works


Trend Identification

Help traders identify trends in the market, whether they are bullish (indicating a potential uptrend) or bearish (indicating a potential downtrend). This can aid in making informed decisions about when to enter or exit trades.


Entry and Exit Points

Traders can use the New Indicator to pinpoint precise entry and exit points for their trades. This can help optimize profits by buying at low prices and selling at high prices.


Confirmation of Signals

Help traders to confirm signals from other technical indicators or trading strategies. For example, if a moving average crossover signals a potential trend reversal, the New Indicator can provide additional confirmation before executing a trade.


Scalping and Day Trading, and Swing Trading

For traders engaged in scalping or day trading, where positions are held for short periods, the New Indicator can be invaluable for quickly identifying profitable trading opportunities within the intraday price movements.

Swing traders, who hold positions for days to weeks, can also benefit from the New Indicator by using it to time their entries and exits in line with the broader price swings in the market.


Divergence Analysis

Help traders to analyze divergence between price and momentum, which can signal potential trend reversals or continuations. This can provide valuable insights into market dynamics and help traders anticipate future price movements.

Stories That Inspire Change

Jake Bean

Jake Bean

CCU is 100% legit. I've been a student for over two years and absolutely made money from what I've learned from Steve.

JM Undurraga

JM Undurraga

Made 10k today thanks to you! I feel very fortunate to have found you on YouTube.

Grand Daddy Grant

Grand Daddy Grant

I appreciate you, Steve. At 31, I'm gaining financial independence through your courses, something no one in my family has done before.

Dr. Jorge Guerra

Dr. Jorge Guerra

Steve is the real deal. His classes are phenomenal, with great insight and a teaching method that keeps it simple. I've been a student for just one week and have made 70k dils of profit. Faced with a choice between two coins, I used the indicators as taught and chose the coin that went up 30%, while the other coin went down 5%. Thank you, Steve. You are the real deal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mo Jay

Mo Jay

Thanks to my teacher, Steve. I just made $60,000 USDT in XRP. You changed my life. I lost so much at first, but I have come so far. This is pure proof right here, and it took me a whole two years to master my emotions, but it paid off.

Crypto Storm

Crypto Storm

You gave me a $300 discount on your course when I needed it the most. I binged your full course videos in 96 hours. I will never forget you. You helped me in my time of need. I'm up more than 30x on your course fees in the last year! I hope to shake your hand one day.

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Nine To Five Guy

Nine To Five Guy

Investing in myself with CCU was definitely one of the best decisions I made in 2020.

Napolean Macro

Napolean Macro

The course will definitely change your perspective on the markets, and I'm living proof of that! Thanks, Steve!

Eugene Uriel

Eugene Uriel

FREEDOM because of CCU. Now I'm free from a dirty 3-letter word. No longer an employee, I am now an employer because of CCU and Steve.



Steve, you're accomplishing your goal of changing people's lives. I've been following you for 2 years on YouTube, bought all your courses, and now I'm confident in my ability to trade. You changed my life. Thank you for that.

An0nimus Adrian

An0nimus Adrian

Steve, the courses are absolutely worth every penny (even at full price!). You have spent so much time preparing this, and I love this stuff, even though I barely started. But the indicator... WOW! I already made 50% of the money I paid for classes and the indicator in just 2 days! DAMN, I am so glad I made the decision of buying it and spending my last pennies. God bless you!

Rob Heading

Rob Heading

Discovering Steve on YouTube back in 2018 was the best thing that ever happened to me. Investing in myself became my daily goal. I used to be told that I was heading nowhere because I was a high school dropout. However, following Steve's strategies and the secrets to success proved everybody wrong. So, I encourage you all to take the first step and start learning because these classes are priceless. Peace and love to the fellow underdogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I sign up?

  • 1 game-changing indicator to help you get closer to your financial freedom!
  • Professionally designed notes, which make using the indicator simple and easy.
  • Professionally designed demo video on the indicator so you become an expert FAST!

What does this indicator do?

The indicator specializes in two core functions: identifying optimal buying and selling opportunities in the market. It effectively pinpoints market tops and bottoms, guiding users on when to take profits without requiring extensive trading knowledge.

What makes these indicators so special compared to the rest?

The “rest” are developed by somebody else. This indicator is developed by us directly solving the biggest problems that we saw in Crypto. Everyone is confused about when to BUY and when to SELL so we developed this indicator with our own hands to solve these problems. This indicator is Custom-Coded and Taylor-made so that you don’t have to be confused anymore. Get buy alerts right to your phone or email. Get sell alerts right to your phone or email. On top of that, no more stress and guessing - now just sit back and relax! 🙂 

I want to buy this Indicator but I don’t have the money, is there anything you can do to help me?

We understand people might not have the money to invest in their future, so what we did was give a MASSIVE 20% OFF of this indicator from its regular price of $997. We want to help people reach their financial freedom goals so we are giving them the indicator bundle for half that price at $797. These seats are going to fill up very fast as this discount is only for a limited time. However, we always help people in need. If you are a single mom, single dad, a war veteran, retired police officer, retired firefighter, retired teacher, someone who is deeply struggling, write me an email at Info@cryptocrewuniversity.com. But make sure you write to me as soon as you can as these seats are going to sell out very fast.

Are there any renewals or is it lifetime access?

It's 1000% Lifetime access!
There are no subscription renewals once you have purchased your Indicator and you will have unlimited lifetime access to the indicator plus the videos/notes are both available for download for offline viewing.

Where do I put my phone number for Trade Alerts?

I personally do not send Trade Alerts (yet 😉) as I can't possibly track every single coin the community may be invested in; however, we have done something even better!

We've coded a custom ANY ALERT FUNCTION which will combine all of the alerts for the indicator into 1 so you do not have to set 10-15 per indicator. We show you how to have all of these alerts sent to your phone, email or desktop inside our Indicator Manuals and Videos. 🙂

Do I need to buy a TradingView Subscription?

No, you can use the Free plan at Tradingview but keep in mind the free plan only allows for 2 Indicators on a chart at a time and does not allow you to save any charts. You can learn more about Tradingview plans by CLICKING HERE

If you are unsure what plan you need, simply start with the free plan and if it does not have enough tools for your kit you can upgrade to the next highest level. CLICK HERE to get A 30$ CREDIT when you sign up

Will there be email support?

We do not believe you'll need email support, because we took the time and diligence to make:
professionally designed notes, high quality training videos to make it simple and easy to understand, whether you are 10 years old or 110 years old.
Just so we are clear, there's no email support for this, we do not believe you'll need it, however, if you sign up to our courses we have emails support to help you step by step.

Will you send Trade Alerts to my phone, email or computer?

Not to worry!
All alerts will be sent out from our custom coded smart indicator! We built in custom “any alert” features that will keep you up to date. Best of all, you can choose if you want the alerts sent to your phone, email or computer!

Now you can just sit back and relax!

Is this Indicator worth the price?

ABSOLUTELY! This discount is not going to last long and this will only be a one-time DEAL. The indicator is worth significantly more and will not be at this price again. Act now before it’s too late.

There are so many people selling indicators that promise amazing results, what makes yours so special?

We listened to the feedback from our students and our non-students about the problems that they are having and the results that they are wanting. We care about actually helping people and changing their lives. That’s why our courses have been far more successful than all the other courses that are out there. Because we care and because we listen, we know that people want indicators that are really simple to use and that give really good BUY and really good SELL alerts. Is there some indicator in the world that is magically going to print millionaires day after day? No. But we wanted to build something really simple, really easy to use, that can give great BUY alerts and that give great SELL alerts to help people get closer to their financial freedom and remove the guessing and stress that comes when trading crypto. That’s exactly what people wanted and that’s exactly what we worked hard on to deliver. We spent 10-12 months in the lab cooking this up. We deeply care about the success of our students this is why we created this indicator bundle.

  • Helps You Buy and Sell at the Right Time
  • Makes You More Profitable
  • Works for Everyone