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Who Is This For?

  • This is for you if you want a done-for-you system to get buy and sell alerts to your phone from our game-changing indicators.
  • This is for people who want better results on their buys and better results on their sells and just want a simple and easy solution!
  • This is for day traders, swing traders and long-term holders.
  • This is for Bitcoin and any Altcoin as well as it can also perform in the stock market.
  • It’s for people who want to get one step closer to their financial freedom.

What's Included?

  • Get BUY & SELL alerts to your phone
  • Unlock 4 game-changing indicators to help you get closer to your financial freedom!
  • DC MACD Indicator 
  • 21 Club Indicator
  • Steve’s Fib Ma Indicator
  • Steve’s Heat Worm Indicator
  • Unlock custom strategies that outperform HODL
  • Have less Stress / Guessing -> now sit back & RELAX
  • Professionally designed notes, which make using the indicators simple and easy.
  • Professionally designed demo videos, on each indicator, so you become an expert FAST!

How Will This Help Me?

  • Get alerts directly to your phone
  •  Helps you recover your losses
  •  Saves time as it’s a done for you system

Stop leaving money on the table - start dominating

Here are some testimonials from students who have experienced incredible transformations under Steve's guidance

Steve's education made all the difference! We profited $50,000. Our son copied our trade and made $35,000. What more can I say? YOU'RE THE MAN, STEVE!!!!!

Mark Lay

Steve's phenomenal! In just one week, I made 70k profit using his simple trading method and indicators. With his insights, I confidently chose the right coin and saw a 30% increase while the other went down 5%. Thanks, Steve—you're the real deal!

Dr. Jorge Guerra

Made a 300% trade with his system. Future looks bright—steady income for my family, no stress - it's been a game-changer.


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How It Works?

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Gain Precision in Your Trades

Eliminate doubt and increase your trading accuracy. Our Game Changing Indicator Bundle helps you identify market highs

and lows clearly, enhancing your decision-making with every trade.

Recently, I wrapped up a fantastic trade on ETH, pocketing $1250 USD over four days. All credit goes to Steve for making this happen. Steve, I'm incredibly grateful for your guidance and support! Thank you immensely!


Thanks to my teacher, Steve. I just made $60,000 USDT in XRP. You changed my life. I lost so much at first, but I have come so far. This is pure proof right here, and it took me a whole two years to master my emotions, but it paid off.

Mo Jay

I'm an old student of yours and I absolutely love your videos. Thanks to your teachings, I'm on the verge of buying a $500,000 house in New Zealand without needing a mortgage at all. I owe it all to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mitch H

I literally can't make it any easier

Maximizing Profits

Missed Chances

Capitalize on Every Opportunity

Move beyond missed opportunities. Our indicators guide you to make timely decisions, enabling you to maximize profits

and minimize losses effectively.

I have to say that this is epic. I have already earned back what I spent! Lack of trading strategy and discipline are no longer a problem!

Cloudybay Tee

WOW! I already made 50% of the money I paid for classes and the indicator in just 2 days!

An0nimus Adrian

Thanks to your class, I'll be working from home soon! Thank you, Bro!


Sleepless Nights

Sound Sleep

Trade with Assurance, Sleep with Peace

Let our indicators keep watch for you. Get alerts when it's the right time to trade, so you can rest easy knowing

your investments are on track.

Classes paid off big time—tripled my investment in no time!

Sergio Farias

Now I'm free from a dirty 3-letter word (job). No longer an employee, I am now an employer because of CCU and Steve.

Eugene Uriel

I appreciate you, Steve. At 31, I'm gaining financial independence through your courses, something no one in my family has done before.

Grand Daddy Grant

The Impact of Indicator Bundle on Students

Explore Stories of Student Growth and Achievement with Indicator Bundle


Here’s more of what people think about Steve's work

Listen to your fellow students and see for yourself why you should not hesitate any longer!

Thank you! Only $700K USD in profits! The cost of the courses... so small. Thanks, from a former underdog.

Mac O'War

My recent trade with BTC returned a profit of about 128% using Professor Steve's strategies. Steve's knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving.

Stressfree 23

Just got home, checked my trading account after Steve's class. It's booming! Thanks to your teachings, my investment's paying off big time. Best money I've ever spent. Even with the snow outside, things are heating up in here!


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I sign up?

  • 5 game-changing indicators to help you get closer to your financial freedom!
  • Professionally designed notes, which make using the indicators simple and easy.
  • Professionally designed demo video on each indicator so you become an expert FAST!
  • Free Masterclass Course
  • Help someone in need by giving them also a FREE Masterclass Course (Single moms, single dads, vets, anyone in a tough financial situation)

What does each indicator do?

Great question! I will list a big picture breakdown below. However, you can find a ton more details and information inside the professionally designed videos and notes that come with the indicators. 

DC MACD: Trap Bitcoins volatility in the world famous Donchian Channels while using one of the most popular momentum indicators as confluence to help eliminate false signals and better understand momentum shifts in the market. Phenomenal for Buy and Sell alerts right on the screen or straight to your phone! 

21 Club: Pair the 21 Club with the domination of the 21 EMA Strategy and make your big picture Buys and Sells crystal clear. Pure gold for Buy and Sell alerts directly to your phone or email! The Indicator has 2 very simple rules to help you crush the market!

Steve’s Fib Ma Indicator: This is not your average trend indicator. We’ve taken the power of the Fibonacci and Moving Averages to help you clearly identify key zones and levels in a simple way. With one quick glance, traders can see where their asset is in the current cycle and use that knowledge to identify the bigger picture trend and capitalize on the market cycle opportunities.

Steve’s Ninja Ribbon Indicator: 8 of the world's most popular Moving Averages right at your fingertips, helping you identify market structure, the current trend and momentum shifts!

Steve’s Heat Worm: Improve your odds of identifying Bitcoins bottoms and market cycle tops based on historical data in a clear and simple way like you’ve never seen before! Quickly know when the Bitcoin market is approaching cycle tops + bottoms combined with Buy and Sell signals.

Will I learn any new trading strategies?

Yes, absolutely! The whole point of this Indicator Bundle is to fill your tool kit, give you more strategies, create a ton more confidence and bring you one step closer to achieving financial freedom.

Are there any renewals or is it lifetime access?

  • No renewals
  • Lifetime Access
  • No Hidden Fees EVER

Do I need to buy a TradingView Subscription?

You can absolutely use the Free Tradingview plan but keep in mind the free plan only allows for 3 Indicators on a chart at a time and does not allow you to save any charts.

With a free account you are extremely limited on options so many of our students eventually upgrade to an Essential Plan. Which plan you use will depend on your needs as a trader. CLICK HERE to learn more about Tradingview Plans!

If you are unsure what plan you need, simply start with the free plan and if it does not have enough tools for your style of trading you can upgrade to a higher level as your needs increase. 🤓

CLICK HERE to get a credit of up to $15 when you are ready to sign up to a paid plan (only works if you’ve never signed up to a paid plan previously)!

Will you send Trade Alerts to my phone, email or computer?

Not to worry!
All alerts will be sent out from our custom coded smart indicators! We built in custom “any alert” features that will keep you up to date. Best of all, you can choose if you want the alerts sent to your phone, email or computer!

Now you can just sit back and relax!

There are so many people selling indicators that promise amazing results, what makes yours so special?

  • We listened to out students 
  • We Back-tested every indicator and came up with the best possible settings to dominate
  • there are bonus settings to win even more
  • we make indicators and alerts simple and easy 
  • we're focused on changing lives
  • we care
  • we have incredible results
  • our students LOVE these indicators