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From Vision to Reality

Why I Created Financial Freedom Academy?

  • To help you get out of the rat race
  • To help you get closer to financial freedom
  • to help as many people as I can take control of their financial futures
  • Because i want to fill the gap left by traditional education and create a better future for you

Exceed Expectations and Transform Your Life

Incredible lessons and short, easy-to-follow classes, and provides valuable knowledge that fits perfectly into any busy schedule.

Steve's FFA surpassed my expectations. His YouTube content is already impressive, but this FFA provided a remarkably comprehensive and enriching experience


Fantastic content, Steve! The fresh FFA format is a hit! It effortlessly engages Us, showcasing your new additions. My life has already transformed! The compact classes suit any hectic schedule flawlessly.


Joined FFA, expected free videos, got lifetime membership, love it! thanks CCU.

Suranda Amukotuwa

Transform Your Health, Mindset, and Trading with FFA

At FFA, we change how you think and act about money, helping you reach true financial freedom. With expert advice from pros like Steve, you'll learn everything you need to succeed in trading.

Impressed that FFA starts with physical health. Wealth needs health.

Alice Kasahara

FFA changing my thoughts and behavior.

Frank Van Der Meer

Another puzzle piece in place. Best platform to learn trading. Thanks, Steve!

Barry Rufus

Master Trading with FFA's Expert Guidance

FFA is driven by the passion of Steve and his team, delivers actionable insights that produce real results.

Applying what I've learned to trading, seeing results, Thanks for the hardwork!

Brian Bass

Thrilled by the professional FFA launch! It's now affordable for many, bringing Steve closer to his goal of helping a
million people achieve financial freedom.


Blown away by CCU Team's passion. Better understanding to start my financial journey. Thanks for the hope!

Danial Read

How It Works?

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What You Can Get?

Brand new State-of-the-art Campus.

We are the only membership site on earth that combines financial freedom, crypto, and step by step training on gaining financial freedom with real time chart analysis.

We offer a state-of-the-art online Learning Campus

We offer Free Professional Mentorship from real experts

Become a member today and join us for live trading sessions where you'll see real-time trading and strategy implementation by our crypto experts

Learn from successful case studies and get mentorship from experienced investors

Get financial literacy expertise with free workshops, webinars, and interactive sessions

Life-Changing Mini Courses

Discover financial empowerment with our unique courses on technical analysis, wealth building, and protection. Led by expert guides, embark on a transformative journey to secure your financial future. Don't miss this chance to gain lasting knowledge and prosperity!

Value - $7,999

Live Q&A Sessions With Steve and other Professors

Got questions? Get answers! Our live sessions let you engage directly with Steve and our professors, bringing the classroom to your screen. Explore trading strategies, investment opportunities, and financial wisdom. Uncover knowledge and find the inspiration to act!

Value - $3,999

Forum Alerts

Welcome to Forum Alerts, your go-to for live chart breakdowns. Get real-time insights on chart movements, patterns, breakouts, and candlestick formations.

With instant access to critical chart developments, make informed decisions quickly. Join our vibrant community to share and nurture Technical Analysis (T.A.) ideas.

Value - $2,999

Detailed Market Reports

Step into Detailed Market Reports, your premium source for private, weekly market updates. Our meticulously crafted reports provide essential chart-based insights, covering what matters most.

Gain exclusive behind-the-scenes information not found on Twitter or YouTube. Elevate your market understanding with our reports – your key to informed decision-making and unmatched market awareness.

Value - $999

TOTAL VALUE - $18,396

PLUS 3 EXCLUSIVE trade alerts only with Yearly Membership ($2,400 Value) for FREE

Join Our Community for Ultimate Engagement!

Be a Part of Our Community

  • Receive Vital Announcements: Stay ahead of the curve with our important updates.
  • Get Crucial Market Alerts: Be the first to know about market shifts and opportunities.
  • Engage in Chart Discussions: Dive into focused discussions about specific charts and alerts.
  • Ask Questions: Seek answers to your burning questions directly from the community.
  • Stay Informed: Get notified when someone responds to your comment.
  • Contribute Insights: Alert fellow members to unique opportunities and market insights.

Our community is where traders and learners come together to share their expertise, discuss trading strategies, and support each other in the exciting world of finance.

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I wish I had signed up way sooner!


Choosing this path has truly changed my life for the better. It's been worth every penny and has opened up so many new opportunities for me.

Geoff Gill

Joined FFA, always learning from Steve. Thanks for the Financial Freedom Academy!


I'm glad I watched this! Packed with valuable information to boost my trading skills. Thanks, Steve!

Blake Dunkley

Impressed with the professional FFA. Affordable approach to Steve's goal. Excited for this journey!

Ryan Ferster

Amazed by how much I've learned in 1.5 weeks. From knowing nothing to understanding charts. Thanks for the journey to Financial Freedom!

Gerald Buldoc

Signed up! After trying on my own a few times, I'm thrilled I joined FFA's learning community. Excited to learn and grow towards financial freedom!

Rene Noort

Fascinated by my rapid learning journey, from chat novice to understanding their inner workings.

Gerald Buldoc

... And More!

FFA is number 1 for transcending limiting beliefs. My life is a testament.

Eugene Sherwood

I appreciate you, Steve. At 31, I'm gaining financial independence through your courses, something no one in my family has done before.

Grand Daddy Grant

Now I'm free from a dirty 3-letter word (job). No longer an employee, I am now an employer because of CCU and Steve.

Eugene Uriel

Steve's course and FFA have transformed my trading in just a few weeks. My charts looks different, I understand them, and my confidence has soared. Thank you! 


Steve's classes have been life-changing. With his support, I've gained confidence and started winning. You can too! Thank you, Steve!

Terra Houseman

Steve, you're accomplishing your goal of changing people's lives. I've been following you for 2 years on YouTube, bought all your courses, and now I'm confident in my ability to trade. You changed my life. Thank you for that.


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Coinbase Covered in May 2023 at $56 - 403% increase

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time! Keep in mind that if you cancel, you’ll no longer have access to the content and will lose your life time discount.

What's Included in the FFA?

1. Life-Changing Mini Courses - Value $7,999 
This is what they don't teach in high school. This is what they don't teach in college. There's nothing like this on the market! 🤓
We will cover everything about crypto, technical analysis, how to build wealth, how to protect your wealth and so much more.

2. Live Q&A Sessions With Steve - Value $3,999 
Watch Steve change peoples lives live!
Ask questions and get answers directly from Steve!

3. Mind-Blowing FFA Forum Alerts - Value $2,999
This will be your home for the most important breakdowns of charts in real time.

Big moves, chart patterns, breakouts, candlesticks formations, all the most important things happening in the charts right at your fingertips in real-time.

Plus, Students will be able to share their own T.A. ideas with the Community! 💯

4. Steve's Detailed Market Reports - Value $999
Must-have private weekly reports on the market including the most important updates and only the information in charts that you need to know. 💪

Plus, behind-the-scenes things are not shown or discussed on Twitter or YouTube.

5. 3 HUGE Trade Alerts - Value $2,400

TOTAL VALUE - $18,396

I'm your student already. Do I need the FFA too?

If you have my Courses and Indicators you are winning more trades. The FFA Membership is completely separate animal! It has different rules, different guidelines and it will absolutely change everything for you!

It will be the best investment you ever made. But only sign up if you want Financial Freedom. If you do want Financial Freedom, this will be the best place on planet earth to be.

Can I start on monthly and then change to yearly?

Yes, you can. Simply CLICK HERE to send us an email and we will give you a step by step guide.

Does it include a chat or community platform?

We have an incredible community of like-minded individuals who are striving for financial freedom just like you! :)

We have lots of live Q&A sessions with our professors and Steve.You will love these! :)

You will be able to engage with each post similarly to how you'd do it on any social platform.

Join our inner circle! We can't wait to see you inside :)

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, send us an email HERE.

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yearly membership

The only membership site that combines financial freedom, crypto, and step-by-step training




The membership includes:

  • Life-Changing Mini Courses $7,999
  • Live Trading Sessions $3,999
  • Mind-Blowing FFA Forum Alerts $2,999
  • Detailed Market Reports $999
  • UNLOCK 3 EXCLUSIVE Trade Alerts Worth $2,400 For FREE
  • Total Value 18,396
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The membership includes:

  • Life-Changing Mini Courses $7,999 
  • Live Trading Sessions $3,999
  • Mind-Blowing FFA Forum Alerts $2,999
  • Detailed Market Reports $999
  • 3 EXCLUSIVE Trade Alerts NOT Included