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Beginner Course
If you’re very new to crypto and just wish you could get an introduction into charts, discover how to send and receive crypto safely, discover how keep your investments safe from theft, and wish you knew how to actually describe Bitcoin and Blockchain to your friends? If Yes, then the Beginner course is for you!

Beginner Course Details

What's Covered?

  • Discover how to properly describe the Blockchain and Bitcoin to friends and family.
  • Start right at step 1 with discovering how to correctly set up a Bitcoin chart and how to use it easily.
  • Discover the simple tips and techniques for sending and receiving Bitcoin safely to protect your investments.
  • Get the secret tips with altcoins, uncover which are good altcoins and which are terrible altcoins in order to not only protect you and your money but also watch it grow!

Intermediate Course
Have you made some bad trades in crypto, and just wish you had a better foundational strategy to use for buys and sells and wish you knew more about the charts? If Yes, then the Intermediate course is for you!

Intermediate Course Details

What's Covered?

  • Discover powerful foundational strategies for when to buy.
  • Discover powerful foundational strategies for when to sell and take profits.
  • Discover Steve’s secret to making great investments.
  • Uncover What to Buy: Creating a winning strategy from evaluating good vs terrible investments.
  • Gain strong confidence in charts, with support, resistance, how to use all the buttons, and how to properly set up great charts.
  • Gain strong confidence in charts, with RSI, Moving Averages and interpreting the data to avoid the most common mistakes that lose traders money.
  • Uncover the secrets to the key indicators on the charts and how to use them properly.
  • Unlock Steve’s powerful altcoins and how to develop your own powerful list of winning coins.
  • Game-changing quizzes and homework to enhance learning and increase wins.
Advanced Course
Do you wish you had powerful yet simple strategies for day trading, swing trading and long term investing? Do you also wish you knew how to make money in a simple way using the most famous indicators like: Fibonacci Retracements, Bollinger Bands, Elliot Wave Theory, Stochastic RSI, Money Flow Index? If Yes, then the Advanced course is for you!

Advanced Course Details

What's Covered?

  • Uncover powerful money-making strategies for day traders, swing traders and long term investors.
  • Discover the hidden secrets to making money with the most popular indicators (Fib Retracements, Bollinger Bands, Elliot Wave, MACD, Stochastic RSI, Money Flow Index) become a true expert for the first time in your life.
  • Unlock the secrets to the best time frames to look at for each indicator and why.
  • Discover which indicators and strategies are best for Day Traders, Swing Traders, Long Term Investors.
  • Discover the hidden secrets to which indicators are actually the most accurate to use and which are actually the least accurate to use.
  • Game-changing quizzes and homework to enhance learning and increase wins.
Professional Course
Do you wish to unlock the powerful secrets the PRO traders use to dominate? Do you want to discover incredibly powerful strategies to use for day trading, swing trading, long term investing and Steve’s own customized Hybrid trading strategy? On top of all of that, do you wish to build up your skills and mindset to be ready to dominate the crypto industry? If Yes, then the PRO course is for you!

Professional Course Details

What's Covered?

  • Discover How to achieve a significantly higher level of success.
  • Uncover PRO level and incredibly powerful money-making strategies for day traders, swing traders and long term investors.
  • Unlock Steve’s secret Hybrid Strategy used to dominate the crypto industry.
  • Unlock the powerful secrets of how to trade like a PRO step-by-step.
  • Get instant access to Steve’s PRO Spreadsheet with exactly what coins he is looking at right now.
  • Discover Exactly When To Buy + Exactly When To Sell For Day Trading / Swing Trading / Hybrid Trader / Long Term Investor.
  • Unlock Top 10 trading secrets to Trade Like A PRO.
  • Uncover the massive industry secrets on how to control your emotion, and build your mind for success and winning.
  • Discover Setting The Correct Position Size for Every Trade.
  • Unlock the powerful secrets to Have The Proper Risk/ Reward Ratio With Every Trade.
  • Discover How to use Binance Like A Pro – Tips, Tricks and Techniques –
    Discover how to properly adjust your current investments to be better positioned for success.
  • Discover the secrets of how to set up a trading journal that could make you substantially more profits.
  • Discover the secrets to Crypto Taxes – The Must-Know Info
  • Uncover How to set Stop losses Like A PRO.
  • Game-changing quizzes and homework to enhance learning and increase wins.
Stock & Crypto Course
Do you wish you had a simple introduction into the stock market? Do you wish you knew if you should focus on stocks, crypto or both? Do you wish you knew how the stock market affects the crypto market? If Yes, then the Stock & Crypto course is for you!

Stock & Crypto Course Details

What's Covered?

  • The truth about how the Stock Market affects the Crypto Market.
  • Identify a simple yet powerful way to predict a stock market crash.
  • Discover the facts about if the stock market is crashing how it will affect crypto.
  • Create a powerful strategy to benefit from a stock market crash.
  • Uncover the secrets of if you should have more money invested in Stocks or Crypto and why.
  • Discover the powerful differences between Stocks & Crypto.
  • Powerful introduction to the Dow Jones + NYSE + S&P 500.
  • Unlock the secrets to mastering Mindset + Emotion + Focus in both markets.


Each CCU student becomes a part of our family, equipped with a winning strategy and support system to increase their market dominance and experience. CCU's classes have over 800 reviews between our website, Twitter, and YouTube.

“I was hesitant to purchase Steve's classes as I thought I knew what to do based on all free content out there. I found out All that free content was worth what I paid for it. His classes cost a fraction of what I paid to go to college, yet Steve's classes are sooooo much more useful. The cost of his class is minuscule compared to money I am now earning now in Crypto thanks to Crypto Crew University.”

Neil Hoffman

“I had been in crypto for over nine months and I was losing my money. I was doubtful about the courses but I decided to give it a try. Since finishing the classes I already made three times what the classes cost.”

Sergio Farias

“I was hesitant to purchase the classes because when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I decided to bite the bullet. This is HANDS DOWN THE BEST PURCHASE I could have possibly made for myself and my future with crypto. My last trade was I made an 81% total gain in less than 14 days”

Chase Scott

“When I was new in crypto I didn’t know what I was doing and I lost money pretty much each trade. The first trades I made after your classes I took 40-50% profit each trade. You feel so much more confident, I know I am.”

Jeroen v B


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