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Success Stories

I had been in crypto for over nine months and I was losing my money. I was doubtful about the courses but I decided to give it a try. Since finishing the classes I already made three times what the classes cost.

Sergio Farias

I was hesitant to purchase Steve’s classes as I thought I knew what to do based on all free content out there. I found out All that free content was worth what I paid for it. His classes cost a fraction of what I paid to go to college, yet Steve’s classes are sooooo much more useful. The cost of his class is minuscule compared to money I am now earning now in Crypto thanks to Crypto Crew University. 

Neil Hoffman

I was hesitant to purchase the classes because when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I decided to bite the bullet. This is HANDS DOWN THE BEST PURCHASE I could have possibly made for myself and my future with crypto. My last trade was I made an 81% total gain in less than 14 days

Chase Scott


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