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You missed out!

Success Stories

I had been in crypto for over nine months and I was losing my money. I was doubtful about the courses but I decided to give it a try. Since finishing the classes I already made three times what the classes cost.

Sergio Farias

I was hesitant to purchase Steve’s classes as I thought I knew what to do based on all free content out there. I found out All that free content was worth what I paid for it. His classes cost a fraction of what I paid to go to college, yet Steve’s classes are sooooo much more useful. The cost of his class is minuscule compared to money I am now earning now in Crypto thanks to Crypto Crew University. 

Neil Hoffman

I was hesitant to purchase the classes because when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I decided to bite the bullet. This is HANDS DOWN THE BEST PURCHASE I could have possibly made for myself and my future with crypto. My last trade was I made an 81% total gain in less than 14 days

Chase Scott


Who are the Courses for?

Our Courses are perfect for you if you’re tired of making bad trades, tired of not knowing when the right time to buy or right time to sell is or tired of not having a dominating strategy.

The Courses are perfect for you if you want to transform yourself into a successful trader to better provide for your family, build your retirement, and have much more confidence trading.

We have Bundles if you are new to Crypto and we have Bundles for traders with 10+ years of experience. We also tailor-made our programs to fit Day Traders, Swing Traders and Long Term Investors.

We will be here helping you each step of the way on your Crypto journey!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in!

Are your Courses easy to follow?

Yes, you will 100% understand my Courses as I keep it super simple, even if today is your first time ever trading!

I have had a lot of students who have English as a second language and they all LOVE my Courses because I keep it very, very simple and easy to understand 🙂

Plus, if you sign up for the Courses you will have unlimited lifetime email support for all of your questions, homework and help with your charts!

Will I have time to complete the Courses?

One of the biggest benefits to our Courses is you will be able to finish fast!

We cut out all of the extra fluff and ONLY cover the most important things you need to know!

Most students finish in just a few weeks and some in one or two months. On top of that, once you finish, you will only need 15 minutes per day to be a successful trader, with the secret strategies you will discover inside!

Can I start trading after taking your Courses?

Once you finish the Courses you will have all the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to start trading right away!

Of course, all financial decisions are completely up to you. 🙂

We have discovered that our students who watch the Courses all the way through and re-watch 2-3 times make significantly more profits.

This is true because so many more dots will connect with each additional time you re-watch the Courses. Leading you to even stronger confidence, more in depth understanding, and a better chance at success.

Students who only partially complete a Course can choose to start trading right away however, it’s not recommended, as you will have an incomplete strategy.

Our Courses fit beautifully together like puzzle pieces to maximize your success.


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