Crypto Crew University (CCU) is here to help you create more success in crypto!

Our students are our highest priority. We put our hearts into everything we do. We provide world-class customer service and are there to help you every single step of the way in your crypto journey.

Our focus is on helping you remove your stress, gain massive confidence, gain a dominating strategy, and feel the joy of winning.

Our mission is to change your life.

Steve is the founder and CEO of CCU.

Steve grew up in a family that struggled with money, so he made it his life’s mission to help others with money. Steve started trading 19 years ago, when he was just 16 years old.

When Steve transitioned from the stock market into the crypto market, he was shocked and hurt seeing how many good people were losing their hard-earned money because they lacked experience and lacked a winning strategy. Steve knew, right away, this was his calling: to further fulfill his life long mission of help others with money.

Steve carefully took his 19 years of trading experience and condensed it down into game-changing courses and thus, Crypto Crew University was born.

CCU’s courses have changed lives around the world by taking complex trading topics and making them incredibly simple, with dominant step-by-step strategies.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our special community and helping you each step of the way in your crypto journey!


Steve Courtney



Each CCU student becomes a part of our family, equipped with a winning strategy and support system to increase their market dominance and experience. CCU's courses have over 800 reviews between our website, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Thanks for all these Golden Nuggets! So glad I found your channel and bought your courses - and yes, I keep following your channel because with the strategy and knowledge from the course, it becomes even more clear to plan my buy and sells. The profits so far are amazing, and this is in a bear market!

    Katja C.

    These classes are life changing, I sincerely thank you Steve for your continuous efforts. Not only have you taught me how to make money but more importantly you have taught me to think so positvely about life. Helping people is one of the greatest feelings we can ever feel, I do believe we are on this planet to inspire and support each other. Thank you Steve and CCU.

    Nick B.

    I Recouped What I Lost! Steve, thanks, really - for sharing your knowledge. I lost money with hypds and dapps and had no idea about crypto investing. Following your strategy, I got all the check marks for selling, and with that big BTC movement, I made some great profits! I'm really happy I invested in your classes.

    Evelyn L.
  • Fantastic Videos! Before I took the classes, I had no idea what I was doing. I was stressing out and throwing money to buy whenever there was a little drop in price. If I had a strategy sooner, I would have made a lot more. The classes are simple, and anybody - I mean anybody - can understand them.

    Andrew D.

    Love the courses! I finally stopped losing my money and gained back all my losses (25% of my investment). Even after moving 70% my funds to my hard wallet, I was able to make up my losses with 30% of the money I had left. Now I'm in the green by 10% + profits on my hard wallet.

    Pet V.

    Again such an amazing, intering and easy to understand video Steve! Thx a lot for all these golden nuggets!! And Yes, I keep following your channel because with the strategy and knowledge from the course, it becomes even more clear to plan my buys and sells, and the profits so far are amazing! And this in a bear market 😉 Thx a lot for all your passion and wisdowm Steve!

    Katja C.
  • I admittedly have not written about Steves courses yet, negative or positive. I felt it was more fair to actually see Steve's trading strategy firsthand before posting anything. But I have to say... Steve's trading strategy works! My first trade, after investing in Crypto Crew University courses, was spot on. All I had to do was follow three easy steps. Thank you for everything Steve!

    Who M.

    Igor, YES I am making money, confident in my strategy and having fun. I am no longer gambling with my money or wondering if I I made the correct moves.I have taken all of Steve's courses, I cannot stress enough that I should have bought his classes sooner, It would've saved me $$

    Leroux J.

    Another great video, Steve. And I don't care if it Monday or Wednesday as long as we get to hear your words and sound advice.
    Intermediate and advanced classes, paid for them long ago several times over. And over the last couple of weeks I've made twice what the PRO CLASS cost. Thank you, Steve.

    Eli S.
  • @cryptoCrewU glad to hear your son is ok. Hope you had a great Father's Day. Your classes have helped me put it all together. Yes we are in an up market now, but your teachings allowed me to make money and/or lower the cost basis of coins I want to hold long term. Thank you

    rjmdds @.

    Steve has read my review several times in his video. Before taking these classes I was doing pretty good inside the crypto and stock market. After taking his classes my gains rected. I now make anywhere from 15 to 75% on my trades. On my first two trades I was able to pay for my trip and upgrade my hotel to go to Belgium and last week I was able to take my kid to Disneyland for march break.

    stretchy B.

    SO glad that I purchased your classes. I knew exactly when to take profit and avoid losses in the bottom of this bear market. The money saved on not rushing in to buy at the wrong time or cashing in too soon alone paid for the course. Your courses are invaluable.

    Christopher @.
  • Fantastic Video 🙂
    Before I took the classes, I had no idea what I was doing, I was stressing out and theowing money to buy whenever there was a little drop in price. If I had a strategy sooner I would have saved and then made a lot more in this bear market. The classes are simple and anybody I mean anybody can understand them.

    Andrew D.

    Great Teaching & Explanation I bought the Diamond Combo a few days ago and I am already loving it. Just finished the beginners series and I can't wait to start the next one. CCU has great teaching and great explanations. With their explanations, I just started working on my strategy. These videos = success in crypto.

    Ivo K.

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